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took the most successful rate of reduction in sales to minors, which was out of los angeles county, and asked what they do. they do have that in their ordinance this they can charge these monetary penalties. because of the success rate i was interested in what they did and they strictly do suspension of permits. and our ordinance here in san francisco, the way we read it, it doesn't allow for any kind of monetary penalty. clearly a violation of california penal code this section 308 only allows for us to do a suspension on the permit, which was what we did in this case. >> how did you arrive at the 30 day determination? >> i took over this program. actually this was the first round of cases i received when i took over this program in april. i continued the policy that had been in place, my understanding, for years of a 30-day suspension. so i just continued the existing and standing policy the department of public health has. >> 30 days for first offense, even though you could suspend up to 90 days? >> correct. the hearing officer, of course, can reduce or increase up to 90 d
news at noon, massive traffic backups and los angeles right now after several big rigs collided on a high record what officials say began the damage. and here to answer your plant questions. send your still send your still >> the cleanup is ongoing in los angeles after big rigs in a dump truck collided this morning. the highway patrol says two separate accidents happen, the first including four trucks and the second involving five more. so far, no other injuries besides the one have been reported. speed seems to be because of the crash. police in new jersey says a body recovered late last night be that of a missing 12-year-old girl. they say the body was found in the recycling container in this neighborhood in clayton. . believe the body is 12-year-old autumn. an autopsy will be performed later today. new details emerged in a shooting outside of wisconsin. investigators. radclif shopf and killed three women including his wife. according to a court document, she requested a restraining order against her husband saying he threatened to kill her if she ever left him are called poli
can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles. presented by kcet los angeles.
sacramento, los angeles, from all the communities in between, thank you for coming to our fantastic city to celebrate our asian-pacific heritage month. it is my pleasure to also provide you with a warm welcome and thank you for somebody who worked on this idea to bring everybody here to san francisco, my very good friend. thank you. where are you? when we first talked about this, we said there had to be the place where everybody felt comfortable. there had to be a place where we could feel the excitement of all very different asian american groups. we had to have a place where something wonderful had been accomplished. a leadership change, one that we never thought in our lifetimes. by the way, as you know, i never thought in our lifetimes we would see an african-american president of the united states. what a wonderful location, that is something to celebrate. he has been here many times, president obama. the very surprised we had of being able to celebrate the first asian mayor of san francisco. it was not my doing, it was all of the people of san francisco saying it is about time we c
it now on i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> a judge on "dancing with the stars" thought one dance was so good, it knocked her off her feet. >> this sultry rumma earned a nearly perfect score. the judge soim pressed with the dance she couldn't contain herself, or her balance. take a look. >> oh, oh. >> carey ann got a big hug after the tumble. melissa ryekroft is back after suffering a herniated disc over the weekend. there will be no elimination because of abc news coverage of the presidential debate. the scores from last night and tonight will be added to next week's scores. i think that was her chair that tipped back. >> there is always some drama on that show. >> coming up the race for president getting more aggressive. how both candidates are trying to win votes during the final two weeks before election day. >> is this the future of driving? the government makes a move that could speed up process of >>> the debates are over. we're now just two weeks from november election, last night's debate focused on foreign policy. today both candidates back on the campaign trail. >
. this is north of los angeles. they have put down some things to to the fuel that was on the freeway. there were about 400 gal. of fuel that they had to clean up and we do know that at least one driver was stuck in his car. they just freed him about a few minutes ago. it was southbound where this happened and there is a two- lane truck bypass. this is scheduled to be closed until noon because it will take them a few hours to clear this up. >> president obama and mitt romney had their last debate. mitt romney criticize the president for allowing the navy-- >> the nature of our military has changed. we have aircraft carriers and 200 >> it i indicated that you fell to put an agreement due to the conflict. >> you can stay here on kron 4 and michael will be here on a recap of the debate. if you would like you can still watch the debate on our web site >> in obama is not perfect but he is warm and caring and people do get the--they can relate to a them and they can get an honest answer. he was much better. >> i lori miller rodin instearode in an stated that she was born back-and-forth to d
cities can take elements of sfpark and implement it in the cities. los angeles is working on it. berkeley is working on a project. washington, d.c. is, too. cities are looking at parking management differently than the have in the past. >> later this year, we are gathering all the data we need to evaluate rigorously all our expectations of how this can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, improve transit speed, reliability, reduc. [applause] >> good evening. i'm the director of transportation. for me, this is not the academy awards. this is the all-star game. the folks sitting over here are truly the all stars of the city. i've had an opportunity to work with ed, harlan, and jocelyn. behalf of all of us. we are also very lucky to have a bunch of people from sfmta, many of them are here. my job is to introduce the awardees. please join me and give a hand for jay primus, george reynolds, steven lee, and lorraine fuqua. >> thank you. this is a tremendous honor. it really does feel fabulous to be recognized. one of the relief fund things about this project is that it is just complex e
happy to be out there. over.lin takes i was more cautious than i been, had this not happen. >> los angeles at, abc news reporting. onat the verizon center november 5, justin bieber will perform. >> we're giving you the chance win two vip tickets. that's each day this week, we you the daily colorado on abc 7 news at 5:00, then go to our facebook page to enter. announce a winner on monday, october 29. make sure to watch abc 7 news at 5:00. >> my gosh. 4:57, 54 degrees >> . if the nfl has its way, players to thet say a lot
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cordes, jan crawford and debate moderator bob schieffer. and bill whitaker in los angeles with a program bringing kids from the chaos of the streets into harmony with the world. >> music is like my meditation. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. investigators say they could see with their naked eyes black specks of deadly fung gas floating in viles of steroids due to be injected into patients across the country. late today authorities said a criminal investigation would be opened and they would move to revoke the license of new england compounding center. that's the pharmacy identified as the source of contaminated drugs that have caused a meningitis outbreak in at least 17 states. 300 people have come down with the disease, 23 have died, and federal officials say the outbreak is spreading. with this rapidly developing story, here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: the preliminary investigation has revealed a lack of basic laboratory standards at new england compounding center. today massachusetts state investigators found th
, los angeles >>> and as we mentioned there is important news about women's health that may come as a surprise to many women who get one of the most common and important medical tests every year. a pap smear to screen for cervical cancer. tonight, new recommendations from the american college. they say most women age 21-65 can wait three to five years between pap tests as long as there is no sign of a problem. also, for the first time, the doctors advise that starting at the age of 30, women should also get tested for hpv when they get their pap test. >>> also tonight, the first time america's baby doctors are weighing in on the debate a lot of parents have faced over organic foods. while a lot of parents feed their kids fruits and vegetables that are organic, to avoid pesticides, they think they're doing the right thing, the nation's pediatricians say there just is not any proof that organic is safer or has more nutrition than conventional foods. this was in addition to the study at stanford university. it was met at the time with uncertainty. >>> still ahead as we continue on a
in moss angeles. -- los angeles. >> all you want is the best possible classroom experience. there has to be some level of accountability. i would but it might evolve met helped to rate teachers. not tests in a performance what metric ll you use? john: that includes your parents. >> butthey were educators and my mom said the same thing. there are brilliant teachers out there who change lives. think of the best teacher that still has the impact. wouldn't be wonderful we coultrust our children would have that experience? would it is all about the union thomas stranglehold, the pension, benefits, it makes teachers the enemy. but they should be what makes children more successful. [applause] john: the union says it is not just about money. they don't think this system is fair to get students whose parents don't care and the teachers that struggle are unfairly judged. >> this is what is shameful. the unions blame the hard chips on the students. no question but the point* that the mayor was makin you want to identify this teachers and move them farther and faster. that is what the union woul
and los angeles after that as well. las vegas is a 70,000 square foot club. that is quite different. >> thank you. any questions from the public? yes. >> well good evening commissioners. i am also a long time 22 year resident and i want to discuss and also present to you i have seen a lot of positive changes in this one is a good one. during that time some 13 years ago there was a very cool selma chang high restaurant located there and it now closed and the lounge and if you remember and it's now closed. a great place to be to hang your hat and really the wind of the world and i want to show you my positive feelings about having this dining come to the area. as you also know even down on union street there is a asian street fair restaurant called [inaudible] and that opened after the loma parada earthquake and revitalized that nairksd there so i am hoping with this new venture that happens at one kearney street as i understand it and welcome and not to make it too pricey. >> we will get an early bird special going. >> all right. any other public comment? seeing none the matt
's riverside county, whether it's los angeles, whether it's the central valley, whether it's the san francisco bay area secretary lahood has been responsible. he's been available for phone calls. he's listened to the reasons for projects and he has moved ahead. would you give him a big round of applause please. [applause] >> well, it's time to say a prayer. it's bottom of the ninth. they have two on and one out, so everybody -- if the giants win this i think they can win the series but they need to win this so let it happen please. i can't tell you how important i feel this project is. i also can't tell you how hard it is to build anything in san francisco, so this project must move ahead. i think commerce depends on it and i think people depend on it. nancy said it very well but let me just say what the ridership is expected to be. when this central subway opens in 2019 daily ridership along the third street line is estimated to be 43,700. this is expected to rise to 65,000 people per day in 2030. this project is estimated to have the second highest ridership per mile of all subway
part of the afternoon going to taper in intensity. upper 60s san diego and los angeles. 81 palm springs. cold front did push through southern california didn't bring them the rain that it brought us. tonight better chance of showers chunk of energy will roll through neighborhoods while we are sleeping yellows and oranges out there we could have moderate to heavy rain even small hail, 40s north bay, rest of news the low to mid 50s rainfall amounts quarter to half inch out of what minimal showers we get today and better chance tonight and tomorrow, storms hang out over the ocean thursday and look at friday through monday, more like where we should be with a lot of 70s from the coast. be careful, especially south bay with the rain. >>> heads-up if you are traveling to tahoe just checked in with caltrans westbound 80 at truckee being held, eastbound getting through with chain requirements beginning at baxter. ly shot of san jose, rain headlights -- snaking northbound 280 past highway 17 out of santa cruz mountains that is problem-free. incident not yet, toll plaza no incident smooth heading
has caused major problems across california including huge pile-up on i-5 north of los angeles. the early morning accident involved nine big rig trucks. new video into the newsroom shows the scene shortly after the 3 a.m. crash. one driver was hurt, taken to the hospital. 400 gallons of diesel was spilled. expected to take several more hours to clear the roadway. >> in the sierra snow continues to fall blasting the higher altitudes causing traffic delays encouraging ski resort officials you are looking from heavenly valley resort. parts of i-80 closed off and on today between tahoe and truckee due to poor diving conditions. officials expect as much as two feet of snow on higher slopes. looking more like rain. >> skiers and snowboarders are looking -- [ unintelligible ] >> i think some of that is going to melt this happens every october. >> they are hoping to open friday. >>> 11:20, good morning. you can see from sutro tower looking to the east southeast towards oakland, some of the clouds are building up as we start to warm the atmosphere a little from south beach looking -- bu
huge pile-up on i-5 north of los angeles. the early morning accident involved nine big rig trucks. new video into the newsroom shows the scene shortly after the 3 a.m. crash. one driver was hurt, taken to the hospital. 400 gallons of diesel was spilled. expected to take several more hours to clear the roadway. >> in the sierra snow continues to fall blasting the higher altitudes causing traffic delays encouraging ski resort officials you are looking from heavenly valley resort. parts of i-80 closed off and on today between tahoe and truckee due to poor diving conditions. officials expect as much as two feet of snow on higher slopes. looking more like rain. >> skiers and snowboarders are looking -- [ unintelligible ] >> i think some of that is going to melt this happens every october. >> they are hoping to open friday. >>> 11:20, good morning. you can see from sutro tower looking to the east southeast towards oakland, some of the clouds are building up as we start to warm the atmosphere a little from south beach looking -- bull shot the way the bay bridge comes from the left and moves -
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. with all three presidential debates behind us, the next two weeks will be a sprint to the finish line in what is virtually a dead heat. election night could be a long night with a couple of key swing states out west possibly holding the key to the race. tonight, we will look at the impact of the west with adam nagourney, l.a. bureau chief for the new york times. his thoughts on a controversial anti-union proposition in california and we would discuss the passing of a liberal lion over the weekend, george mcgovern. a conversation with adam nagourney of the new york times coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you.
men doused her in a flammable liquid and set her on fire in town park in los angeles. the police officer managed to put out the flames and get her to the hospital. now police are look for the three men -- looking for the three men responsible. it's not called an official hate crime but members of the naacp say differently. >> anything towards humanity that's not civilized expressive will of one's thoughts and love don't act like that. >> following the attack racial slurs were written on her car and they are checking it for fingerprints and hopes it can lead to the attacker. >>> this is something out of the movies and cameras were rolling as a pair of suspected car thieves smashed a truck through a convenience store loading up on alcohol and cigarettes. that is the smash and grab job. all this happened as police say they were stealing the truck and 100 dollars worth of gas. they crashed into a tree during get away and police arrested one of them but they are look for his accomplice. >>> we are hearing from a woman whose hair was pulled by a san diego police officer as she tried to
the hurricane center is right, audrey. 10 trucks in a pileup north of los angeles this morning. california highway patrol officer reports heavy rains may have caused or at least played a big part. they say it all started when a dump truck spun out by a bypass tunnel. that caused 18-wheeler to jackknife and away it went. three big rigs slammed into the wreckage. five more 18 wheelers crashed 18 minutes later. the traffic just piled up. would you look at this? firefighters spent hours removing one driver from a demolished rig. patrol officers say he went to the hospital with injuries that are not life threatening. the violence in syria certain solid and it's spilling over the border. threatening other countries, including now, u.s. allies. plus the feds are predicting the united states could soon be the top oil producer in the world again. we'll tell you how soon and why coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus
of these deaths. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. thanks. what an ordeal for a 10-year-old girl after several people broke into her house while she was home alone. here is rick folbaum. >> peyton mock was home sick from school in washington. her mom was out getting her a sandwich about six miles away when someone came to their front door. [doorbell ringing] >> see called and said somebody was aging the doorbell. i said don't answer it. and she said well, they keep ringing. i said well, don't answer it. >> so then i check right there. and by the window. and i saw a teenager. >> and then she said they are in the house. she said mom i see them. i said hang up, call 911. >> that's exactly what she did. hiding in the pantry as burglars went through the house. >> 911, how may i help you? >> i'm at my house. my mom is at the grocery store and someone got into my house. i don't know how they got. in i locked the door but my dogs are in the house. i'm afraid they are going to get killed. >> meantime her mom was racing home. >> my foot was down on the gas and i was -- i was blazi
for britney spears and her family. the superstar's former manager, set to testify today in los angeles. it is all part of the explosive legal battle that could reveal spears' family secrets. abc's rob nelson has our story. >> reporter: sam lufti, who became britney's manager and confidant, is expected to take the stand today. and owl of tinseltown's eyes are on him, as he tries to get the share of the earnings he says he's due. >> he has the burden of proof here. >> reporter: joel boxer told the court lufti was, quote, unqualified to manage a superstar. boxer claims that lufti tried to take advantage of a very vulnerable britney spears. an attorney for lufti says his client was trying to save the singer from her own behavior. he was made a scapegoat for the erratic behavior of britney spears. she looked to use amphetamines, and up uppers. her disjointed performance at the video music awards in 2008, caused whispers in the music industry. her bizarre changes in her appearance. in 2010, lufti defended britney's behavior. >> i think she was expressing her independence and freedom. she's a
has stood on the right side of history. >> from los angeles to talk more about this, women's health advocate and president obama's supporter, sandra flope. good to have you here. good to see how the debates and the campaign pivoted in to women's issues last night supposed to be the theme of foreign policy. both mitt romney and the president were talking about a lot of things directed at women and mitt romney specifically bringing up gender equality. through the arab spring. is that something that struck you? >> it did. and i think both president obama and mr. romney see foreign policy as something that women care about. and see how we treat women in other countries and our work to encourage their education and development as being an important part of the foreign policy. obama has an extensive record on this both standing with young girls like malala who are fighting for their right to education and also empowering women in a development strategy for developing countries. >> so as we break things down to look at them from gender, the latest nbc/"wall street" poll shows while they're
york cloudy, 65. miami, 86. chicago looking at rain, 75. dallas partly sunny, 84. los angeles, low clouds, 69. and now for a check of today's national forecast. rain, thunderstorms, and mountain snow will move into northern california. some areas will get as much as 18 inches of snow. showers and thunderstorms will soak parts of the midwest and the northeast. >>> in sports now, the san francisco giants have done the improbable. they came back from a 3-1 series hole and are now headed to the world series. in the second, bases loaded, hunter pence hits a three-run double up the middle, but check the replay. his bat breaks and then it hits the ball again. marco scutaro got the mvp trophy after getting 14 hits, tying the league championship. the giants crushed the cards 9-0 and face the detroit tigers tomorrow night. >>> in football, the lions and the bears mix it up in chicago. in the second, jay cutler gets chased out of the pocket and goes down hard. he had to leave the game, but he came back this the second half. detroit had a tough time scoring. matthew stafford gets picked off at
. this is for the los angeles police department which was built on an old citrus grove. and here i circumstance um navigate both the auditorium with an a diesed laser etched anadized panel. it brings back the notion of the landscape that was once there. the glass curtain wall has mylar orange archival circles on it. at certain times of the day, kind of a low tech transformation of kind of a lyrical day of oranges kind of falling. this is the vitrius bench i did for millennium towers on mission street. and it's a cast resin bench in the shape of an elipse that's lit with led and embedded with cast acornses to respond to the glass wall in the back there, which is a glass with the image of an oak grove. these are some past projects that have been completed. and i talk about 474 natoma. i plan to work on the eight-story elevator shaft. the name of the piece is called global garden. it's comprised of ombre panels. we bring you a sample right there so you can actually >> thank you for your patience. i m leader pelosi's district rector in san francisco. i've been with the for about nine years, and we are
having once represented a district that was very low-income in los angeles as to where these parks are that are still left outstanding, the 14 you mentioned. are they in neighborhoods we should be concerned about or are they all over the city? >> so, what is really nice about what the city services auditor has done, the report card they do for parks and streets extends to one page, there is a large report that is attached to it. so, what will go through a geographic map and show where those parks are in the case of parks, in the case of streets and sidewalks, similarly for them. as we develop our score card, we could ask specific questions about service and reliability and water quality and supply assurance, earthquake preparedness by neighborhood as examples if that would be helpful. >> can i get a copy of that raoerth? >> yes. * report for the viewing public, both the reports for streets and parks are at the controller's website. >> any questions? commissioner moran. >> thank you very much. this is a policy that's been in the works for sometime. i don't know when we first starte
. >> a massive pileup on the los angeles freeway. what >> avenue kurt -- in new jersey prosecut says to teenage boys have been charged with murdering a 12-year-old girl. she was found in a recycling container. investigators say it autumn died in a manner consistent with strangulation. she disappeared saturday night after she rode her bike from her home. prosecutors believe the brothers lured the girl to their house where they killed her. no word tonight on a possible motive. with the california highway patrol says a tractor-trailer jackknifed bypass tunnel, setting off -- setting off a chain reaction of crashes. amazingly, there were no other injuries reported. >> another big revealed for apple tonight, the highly anticipated revealing of the smaller ipad mini. >> the roads of washington, d.c. are close to opening up to driverless cars. details coming up in consumer alert. >> and showers are not too far away lex just 14 days until election day and. find out who is ahead at the polls right now. local discussions concerning but questions 6 and 7 on the ballot. mayor: casino owners in west virgini
massive headaches for drivers outside of los angeles tonight. that's about 25 miles north of downtown la. investigators say the trucks collided when a dump truck spun out. at least one trucker ended up at the hospital. hundreds of gallons of diesel fuels spilled all over the road way. the tunnel was closed for nine hours? >>> a historic flight suit is being donated to the national air and space museum. it was worn by late navy commander william -- over cuba during the crisis. ecker and his wing man took the first soviet bases in cuba. >>> one of the most decorated mayor reins is getting -- marines is getting a new honor. a statute was installed today outside the national museum of the marine corp. he is the only marine to have five ? >>> why do presidential watchers say obama was more aggressive than romney? >>> we will have the story of apple unveiling their smaller version of the i pad. that coming up ? >>> a fed ex holiday shipping surge and a brown ie recall. apple unveiled its i pad. for the first look? >>> apple shrinks the screen to just under 8 inches. that is about two inches s
his side generally speaking but in a press conference, look, every agency is investigating this. los angeles times and "washington post." that situated to handle it. do you think that barack obama is going to do the bin laden card tonight? is that his strongest suit? >> it's his only suit. its call any president would have made, he delayed making the call. >> bill: romney is not going to say congratulations, i'm glad you did it. >> of course, romney can't attack him for killing bin laden. what romney needs to do, he needs to lay out the consistent litany of failures, collapse of the russian reset. the failure to support the revolution in iran. the mishandling of the arab spring. not standing up to china. a mess in syria. throw a dart on the map and obama has failed america in that spot. >> bill: thanks very much. we'll hear another side from wesley clark. he is defender of the president. his advice on libya and other foreign policy matters. they say libya is no big deal. more on that. moments away. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil®. here's one sto
in boca raton. a live picture now inside of the theater. a caller from los angeles. good evening. caller: bible like to touch bases on the foreign-policy issue. -- i would like to touch base this on the foreign-policy issue. mitt romney make a statement about having backbone than later he states that he wants to work with china. he wants to deal with pakistan. when china wants to undermine our economy by selling cheap [unintelligible] and pakistan is gearing up for work. i think we need a president who is straight forward on things. not turn the hand of the dice. host: thank you. we are getting your reaction to the debate tonight. daniel says -- at the bottom of the hour, we will replay the debate. we will have a chance to you to weigh in on a live in the work chat. from 11:30 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. eastern. caller: good evening. i am a couple months short but at the fed in my mind, i support mitt romney -- but as it stand in my mind, i support mitt romney. when i get out of college four years or eight years from now. i've wanted be able to find a job. i -- it does not seem
tonight 60 sacramento, 68 fresno upper 60s los angeles and san diego with some sunshine there watch out for the snow in the sierra. >>> new this morning, head shaking story out of santa cruz female inmate leaving the county jail got more than her belongings back she left with a baby. 29-year-old clear lake woman escorted out of jail when she went that labor in the lobby. jail employee jumped in to help until paramedics arrived the baby arrived premature the mother had been jailed for public intoxication both are at the hospital. >>> in wine country folks have been working day and night to harvest grapes. some say it wasn't easy considering the bumper crop they had. the team at one winery says in two days they hauled in more than 200 tons, usually they do 40 tons day day. quick work was to hone in on certain varieties that could be ruined when the rains hit. >> there's a danger of rot, i have an a rain event like this we'll be rushing to get everything. >> growers are very excited about the quality of this year's grapes, which means wine lovers could look forward to enjoying a good vinta
at this. it has gone viral, folks. >> whoa! >> is that your sister station? that's ktla in los angeles. >> knbc. >> so they're doing a live shot for the 11:00 news last thursday and there it is. the cockroach. robert kovacik. a cool report he. then people were tweeting things like, nothing bugs robert. >> does he know it's happening? >> yes, he knows it's happening and he's totally fine. >> calm under pressure. >> good reporting until it crawls into your ear, you know? >> do you ever feel the itchiness on you? that's what i feel. >> wow! viral video of the day today if you go to hot >>> there's an old phrase. sleep on it. it might work for solving some of your problems. >> if you have a tough decision to make, whether it is buying a house or i wonder if i should quit my job and get a new one, sleep on it. i never thought about this. they asked 1,000 participants to think about a tough emotional decision that they had and then they weighed the outcomes. those that made the decisions on the spot were found to be far more emotional and did not make the right choices. those that
in los angeles. hi lisa, good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. if you are asking yourself who won last night's presidential debate you probably weren't watching. president obama came out with a strong and aggressive performance against mitt romney on foreign policy. the first instant poll from cbs shows 53% of undecided voters say president obama came out on top, just 23% say toward romney. but there are some differing opinions out there. according to cnn poll, only 40% of viewers say romney won but 60% say he is ready to handle the responsibilities of president. and 32% of independents say they are now more likely to vote for romney after last night's performance. that is surprising since by most accounts president obama effectively painted romney as untested reckless and inconsistent when it comes to foreign policy. he also mocked romney's knowledge of the military with the most popular zinger of the night. when romney complained that the navy has its smallest fleet in nearly 100 years, here is t
. while the liberal-leaning declared chief in command. >> the "los angeles times" says obama reverses roles and comes out swinging at romney in the final debate and "the miami herald," verbal punch esbut no outright knockout. let's get right to nbc's chuck todd, political director and chief white house correspondent, in boca raton, site of last night's debate. chuck, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's just two weeks until election day, and what was interesting about this third and final debate, it was a clash only in styles as an aggressive president was met with very little resistance from his republican opponent who chose to believe that simply showing up was enough to keep his momentum intact. the final debate, a study in contrast. an aggressive president obama trying to disqualify mitt romney as a potential commander in chief and also seeming like the candidate with more to prove. >> i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, but every time you've offered an opinion you've been wrong. when it comes to our foreign policy, you
and go. i don't think it is time to break up anything in los angeles. the largest purchase of the tory groundbreaking in history. 6256 of volunteers came out to put their shovels and the ground to symbolically kick off the construction of what will be the new home of the earthquake stadium in san jose. it will be completed in 2014. that is owned by the same folks who own the oakland a's the fisher group. here we go, there is something called a gain ham's style. > there is at the circle center mall in minneapolis. at the dance occurred during a meet the rookies event. and condoms fouled by korean senior p s y. they are enjoying themselves as well the giants are leading seven to nothing. this will make the greatest playe come back and players history--play off. the greatest playe come back and players history--play off. ♪ when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step fo
to bounce back. los angeles lakers' star kobe bryant was charged with sexual assault in 2003 after winning three nbae championships. the charge was eventually dropped and he won two more titles. then atlanta falcons quarterback michael vic spent two years in prison for dog fighting. he joined the philadelphia eagles after he was released from prison in 2009. and tiger woods was engulfed in a sex scand but returnedan play and won his 74th tournament last summer. some thoughts now about the fallout of the lance armstrong story and those of other athletes whose reputations have been tarnished in this modern era. christine brennan is a sports writer and columnist for usa today and abc news. she's covered armstrong, marion jones, and the rise o performance-enhancing drugs in sports. as we noted, christine, this story is not the first. probably not the last. what's different about the armstrongar saga? longthink what's different is ago left the sport sphere, the realm of sports and moved on tog a much higher plane in terms of his role in the cancer counity, as an icon, a cause, someone that peop
north of los angeles. eight big rigs involved in this accident. one person was possibly trapped in one of these big rigs. no word on injuries. there are over 400 gallons of fuel spilled in the roadway and again rain and slick surfaces may have been a factor in this accident but again it is really causing a big traffic mess through there south 5 so, you know, check the roads if you are traveling towards the southern parts of california today. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> 2012 presidential debates are behind us. and the election believe it or not two weeks from today. between now and then president obama and mitt romney will spend most of their time in the battleground states. cbs reporter randall pinkston joins us from florida the site of the final debate with a little play-by-play on what happened. >> frank, it was a fight to the finish another doozy of a debate mitt romney accusing president obama of a series of foreign policy failures. for example, romney pointing to the failure to stop iran's nuclear program. but and president obama accused romney of being in
, throwing in los angeles in order to do jay leno. romney, meanwhile, is headed west. he'll hold rallies in colorado before returning to the all-important western battleground states of ohio and iowa. more to come on this "the daily rundown," coming in here senator kerry will be here next. he says the president sank romney's battle ship last night. what are undecided voters saying? brian williams will be spending two days on the campaign trail with president obama as he sets out on that seven-state campaign swing. we'll have some of brian's reporting from the trail tomorrow on the show. and here's a look ahead at the schedules today. president obama, they keep saying they're departing del ray, florida. it's delray beach, it's delray beach, that's where my grand month lives. mitt romney is heading west. you're watching "the daily rundo rundown" on msnbc. ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. that
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